Family Building Grant

The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation’s Family Building Grant is an annual award that provides up to $10,000 to needy, infertile families. These grants assist with the costs associated with infertility treatment or domestic adoption.

Applying For The 2016 Family Building Grant

Grant Information

The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation’s Family BuildingTM Grant provides up to $10,000 per funded family to help with costs of domestic adoption and medical fertility treatment. The only restrictions for applying are

1) You MUST have a diagnosis of infertility from your doctor
2) You MUST be a legal permanent US resident

There are no other restrictions currently. The grant is offered twice per year, and the number of applications funded as well as the amount of funding depends on the success of the Cade Foundation’s fundraising activities (i.e. the more we raise, the more we can give away). To date, 47 families have been funded. All of our grants are Family Building Grants but we have a special pool of funds set aside for “Savannah Grants” which are only available to Shady Grove Fertility patients undergoing IVF.

Grant applications will be reviewed and selected twice per year- once in the spring and once in the fall.  

Both portions of application (as well as the medical history forms) must be received by February 1 for the Spring grant review and July 1st for the Fall Grant Review.  Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed until all materials are received. If the applicant is a couple each partner must separately complete a personal statement. If one partner completes both personal statements the application will be disqualified. Part II of the grant and the medical history forms must be mailed into the Cade Foundation’s PO Box (PO Box 372, Owings Mills, MD 21117). Items that are faxed will not be considered. The PO Box will only accept deliveries via the US Post Office and will not accept deliveries from FEDEX, UPS or other courier services. Applicants will be notified by email about funding decisions by May 1st for the Spring Grant Review and October 1st for the Fall Grant Review.

Winners will be expected to participate in the Cade Foundation Family Building Gala on the first or second Saturday in November (date TBD.)

For applicants interested in Savannah’s Grant, there is no need to fill out any additional paperwork. Savannah’s Grant is restricted to Shady Grove Fertility patients and therefore all Shady Grove Fertility applicants are automatically entered into the pool for both general Cade Foundation Family Building Grants as well as the Family Building Grant restricted for Savannah’s Grant.

Grant Application:

Please note- Grant Application registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE. We encourage you to read the entire application prior to paying. If you decide to withdraw your application for ANY REASON we would be happy to send you a donation receipt for your registration amount, but cannot refund the registration fee. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dates of Interest:

Grant is available online 11/1/14

Grant submission deadline for SPRING consideration 2/1/15- EXTENDED UNTIL 2/10/15

Grant decisions announced for SPRING funding 6/1/15

Money available for SPRING grant applicants 8/1/15 (grant MUST be redeemed by 8/1/16)

Grant submission deadline for FALL consideration 7/1/15

Grant decisions announced for FALL funding 10/15/15

2015 Cade Foundation Family Building Gala (required for all grant recipients) 11/7/15 or 11/14/15

Money available for FALL grant recipients 1/1/16 (grant MUST be redeemed by 12/31/16)

Registration: Please complete BOTH PORTIONS of the application.

Part I: Click on REGISTER NOW

Part II of the grant application:  Available at 2016 Cade grant application actual

Instructions for completing the Cade Foundation Family Building Grant Application: 2016 Cade grant application instructions

This is a fillable PDF. Remember to complete all pages including the pages that ask for duplicate copies of your budgets.
You MUST fill out and submit BOTH online as well as the downloadable portion of the application for your application to be considered complete.

Grant Application Q&A Teleconference:

The next Cade Foundation teleconferences will be hosted on:
January 15  AND June 15  at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

For applicants to ask questions about the grant application.

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7000
Participant Access Code: 167807#

Please email in questions about the grant prior to the conference call to All questions will be answered during the call.

Thank you for considering applying for the Cade Foundation Family Building Grant.